Looking for a wedding venue is not an easy feat without knowing what you want to expect for your special event. It is where you will hold your special event and it should be something that both couple agreed upon. Wedding venue can be the most expensive part of your budget.

After you have draft your proposed budget, you should stick close to it no matter what. The most tiresome and careful research is needed to choose the best venue that would fit you. Here is a guideline you can use or enhance. Fill it up so you can choose your preferred venue according to the advantages, disadvantages, inclusions and exclusions that might be offered along with the packages each venue has.

  • Name of the venue, address and contact number. The name of the venue and its address is basically needed. If you have finally chosen the place, it will be included in your invitation and in the legal papers. In case you would like to clarify something or you missed any information, a contact number will help the most.
  • Location and Accessibility. Consider the location for both of you and for the guest. Guests must not find it hard to reach the venue. For instance, the elderly, infants and parents with toddlers can find the beach wedding place threatening or risky to safety. Make sure it can cater the number of invites that you are planning to invite in your wedding.
  • Availability. Is the place available on your special day or you are willing to adjust the date of your wedding depending on the availability of the venue? It is best to book for a venue at least 3 months before the wedding or more advanced date.
  • Wedding Venue Theme. Is it a hotel, restaurant, outdoor or indoor? The type of venue can determine your theme for your decorations, flower arrangements, and even the seating arrangement.
  • Rates, Facilities, and Extra charges. Is the cost of venue within the budget or not? What facilities are included and what facilities will you incur as an additional cost to the package? Are the facilities in good condition to make sure that the wedding will turn great?
  • Foods and Wedding Reception. Who will cater the food? Will I hire from outside or do they have the food catered which are included in the packages?
  • Inclusions and exclusions. Inclusions help you to save money. You can use all the free amenities which they offer and provide things which are lacking.

These are some considerations to check for in choosing your venue. Don’t forget to mention about the photographer and videographer to work in the venue. In some cases, the management of the venue has in-house professional photography and video staff whom you might also consider hiring.