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Newborn and baby photography can awe you with a lot of surprises, especially if you the parent or even more if not. The best photos are unplanned and most often are inspired by the baby’s uniqueness and differences.  Whether he has a big beautiful eyes, cute dimples, full lips, hairy head, we can make it to highlight them through an adorable baby pose and portrait.

Basically, the two kinds of newborn photography are Lifestyle and Studio or Posed. Studio or Posed sessions are done when the baby is like craving for sleep and simply not moving a lot. This is from birth to two weeks of age. The of the theme of the photo session could be associated with a simple blanket, hat, headband and wraps. It could take a longer hours to shoot the baby at this stage than the other type of baby photography.

On the other hand, the Lifestyle newborn photography in casual approach focuses on the activities that the baby does at home in his 3rd to 6th week of age. The shoot could be done with the family members for about a couple of hours. Memories of new parents in this period makes it precisely the most precious one.  So, Edge Photography would love to be part of the joy in creating a once in a lifetime memories with your little baby.

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